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What's new & Topics (newly arrived information) 2010 January 10th.

. RSS1.0(in Japanese) was done and UP to the server.
. It began to write the blog in Japanese.
. English page is starting for "HOME" and "Contact us" in English.

Design, Consulting : Office K

WEB site making, management, Design, English and Japanese
Document creation, and Archtecure, Decoration


We try our best to be at your service through finding answers to your requests: introduce companies, factories and offices at your needs prepare and create materials for various purposes designing to support your business. Compare!

Experiences of ours make our answers better than the other works. We produce Web-site (home page), create motion pictures, DVDs, handbills, ads, documents in English, Web-site in English, and architecture including its designing.

Our web-site differs from other web-sites: the base of our work lies deep down at understanding our customer's job and its value.

We produce web-site in English and create mateirals for various purposes as we have long been engaged in international business. We know that making effort in the background is what we are here for: we want to be a receiver or a setter in the volleyball game for instance.

You are the attacker!!

ps. Office K pays closer attention in using the English language. We have a good reason for that.
Just feel free to contact us.




Offered service of Office K

  Your Web-Site
WEB (homepage) design production

Your website making and handbill pamphlet for a variety of guides such as shops and company overviews.
More comprehensible photograph, solid hand [nina] image, drawing, and video for PR of commodity and product.
Dealings with more effective foreign countries. More effective building.
All : for the customer.
A conventional mentality, thing OFIFICE K, and cheap material and services are concretely supported.

It must be and the person must inquired to be hesitated on the cost side by all means without reserve up to now.

  Processing and design
We will produce an image necessary for corporate PR and also produce the image with CG when there is no photograph.

  Animation design production
From DVD to animation for WEB for corporate PR

  The plane and the single view drawing are designed by the vector
We will produce interior design and 3D figure by Vector Works.

  Catalog, leaflet, handbill design productionWE will produce cheap in the tie-up with the WEB print trader.

  From taking a picture to the copy documentThe tie-up cameramen take pictures of the studio and the business trip taking a picture.

  English document making and English WEB production
To material according to the English translation of Japanese, the translation from English into Japanese, and it. Moreover, it corresponds as an interpreter.

  Trade and international business support
The.procedure of a series of importing and exporting.. corresponds from the inquiry and pulling against each other to the settlement. It investigates accordingly.

  Presentation document creation
Power Point and the sales presentation material by EXCEL/WORD/ACCESS etc. are made.

  Architectural whole
I will have handled the YAMAHA resort etc. , and offer the synthesis and architectural a design by the tie-up of the architect and one [Kenji Ichinomiya and his archtect group].

  Under way
The net shop that sells customer's various products as Office K is opened. The shop name is OFF K. The extra discount is set when buying it through Office K. Expectation so.

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